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As we age the spine undergoes dramatic changes… spinal discs and joints degenerate, ligaments, muscles and other spinal tissues get weaker, dehydrate and become stiffer, our spines are less able to withstand normal stresses. This cascade of events can ...

‪#‎anxious‬ ‪#‎stressed‬ a little ‪#‎depressed‬ Things happen, but we can help control how we feel through it. I LOVE this video. Little pointers to get you out of that negative cycle of feeling and into that positive cycle of feeling and ...

Fall marathon season is just around the corner!  Many runners love to get out and run but often forget to take the time afterward to stretch it all out. Stretching is most recommended for after a workout.  Stretching before a workout can lead to decreased ...

Socrates saying

Looking for #healthy . When was your #spine last checked?

Read this awesome article on Family Health and Wellness Remember Health is not the Absence of Disease


This special announcement is to let you know that this Friday is World Spine Day!! Check out : http://www.worldspineday.org/   The theme this year is “Your Back at Work”.  Tweet your spine selfie!!

DrKarinSept2015Col Fall is here and the leaves haven’t turned yet!  We know you will be raking and possibly planting soon however, when Mother Nature is ready. If you need a reminder about spinal health while gardening, please drop by the clinic for ...

physical examination

The physical examination will follow the history taking. The point of the exam is to determine which structures and tissues are affected in each case. The physical examination involves the use of a variety of testing techniques. Range of motion, posture ...

The report of findings

The last portion of the initial visit is the report of findings. This is when the Chiropractor explains the diagnosis to you and the treatment plan that is to be implemented. This is when all questions and concerns are addressed.