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Your First Visit


1. Health History

Your first visit will begin with a detailed health history.  This will include filling out intake forms and answering questions of the doctor, it is necessary to gather information about physical, mental and social components of your health to get a general idea of your overall health picture.  Treatment outcomes are increased when all aspects of your health are considered.

2. The Physical Examination

The physical examination will follow the history taking.  The point of the exam is to determine which structures and tissues are affected in each case.  The physical examination involves the use of a variety of testing techniques.  Range of motion, posture assessment, joint mobility, orthopedic tests, reflex testing, sensory testing and strength tests are all commonly used when examining the parts of the body experiencing pain and restriction.  Sometimes the doctor will require additional tests, such as x-rays, or referral for medical examination.

The information acquired during the history and physical will provide the doctor with the information to formulate a diagnosis and a detailed and customized treatment plan.

2. The Report of Findings

The last portion of the initial visit is the report of findings.  This is when the Chiropractor explains the diagnosis to you and the treatment plan that is to be implemented. This is when all questions and concerns are addressed.

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