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  • Acupuncture

Dr. Erin Madonia utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods and Medical Acupuncture techniques during acupuncture sessions.  Acupuncture treatments are usually between 20-30 minutes long and utilize 8-12 small, sterile needles that stimulate and influence the body’s energy and connective tissues.  The scientific theory relates the insertion of needles to nerve stimulation and neuro-hormonal reflexes. This stimulates the body’s own analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing responses to help restore balance, decrease pain, and promote healing.

In the hands of a trained practitioner acupuncture is proven to be both safe, effective, pain free and virtually without side effects. The World Health Organization has publicly endorsed acupuncture for many years and recognizes over 43 conditions that can be effectively treated.

Examples of conditions treated:

-Back Pain
-Neck Pain
-Pre-Menstrual Symptoms
-Stress Reduction
-Jaw Pain
-Fertility Problems
-Hormone Imbalances
-Knee Pain
-Shoulder Pain